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cpism demo paper:part 2

 Q56) Which of the following options of the dialog box determines the number of pixels between a cell?s content and the cell boundries?
a.      Rows
b.     Columns
c.      Cell padding
d.     Cell spacing
Q57) __________ sets the entire URL as string.

a.       href
b.      command button
c.       accept

Q58)  Which of the following allow us to define a unique name for the repeat region?
a.      Repeat rows
b.     Starting row
c.      Ending row
d.     Region name
Q59)  Which of the following types of file transfer is a new feature in Dreamviewer? In this type of transfer, developer can work and edit pages while content transfers between local and remote sites are in progress.
a.      Checking out file transfer
b.     Checking in file transfer
c.      background file transfer
d.     Drag and drop file transfer

Q60)  Which of the following are true about PHP?
a.      PHP programming language is used to create websites having  static interactivity.
b.     PHP application server is required to run PHP pages.
c.      Editions of the application server don’t exist for UNIX and Mac OS X system.
d.     None of the above.

Q61)  ____________ defines the list of MIME types.

a.        Accept
b.       Action
c.       Method

 Q62) Layout tables can be drawn in which of the following location in the document window?
1.     Empty areas of a page layout, but only below any existing page content
2.     Inside an existing layout table, if the parent cell is empty
3.     Around existing layout cells and tables
a.      1,2
b.     2,3
c.      1,3
d.     1,2,3

Q63)  Which of the following are true about root-relative path?
a.      It?s useful when HTML files are frequently moved from one folder to another
b.     When a document containing root-relative links is moved, there is a small change required to update this links.
c.      It?s more useful when the current document and the linked-to document are in the same folder.
d.     If a folder is moved, all the root-relative links to the files within the folder must be updated.
 Which of the following is true about the Dynamic pages?
a.      A web page that uses a database to generate data of information depending on the user? A request is called a Dynamic page.
b.     Dynamic web pages may use Active Server Page.
c.      Sources of dynamic content include only information stored in a database.

Q64) Which of the following is not a valid HTML tag for creating a frame set?
1.     <frameset columns=”16%,84%”>
2.      <frameset rows=”80%,20%” cols=”60%,20%,20%”>
3.     <frameset rows=”16%,84%”>
4.     <frameset cols=”90%,10%>

a.      1
b.     2
c.      3
d.     4

Q65)  Which event will not trigger when you click a field with the mouse?
a.      Onclick
b.     Onmousedown
c.      Onkeydown
d.     Ondblclick
Q66) The ___________ event occur when user click inside a text field.

a.      on focus
b.      on blur
c.       check box

 Q67) Which of the following programming rules are not valid for XHTML?
a.      Tags are case sensitive
b.     Elements should be left unclosed
c.      Values of attributes must be enclosed within quotes
d.     DOCTYPE declaration should always be private

Q68)  Which of the following statements are true about DHTML filters?
1.     Filters are implemented in an HTML page using CSS.
2.     Multiple filters can be applied to a single HTML element or a group of HTML elements.
3.     There is more than one way of specifying a filter.
4.     ‘progid’ word has to be part of the syntax to specify a filter.
a.      All except 2
b.     All except 1
c.      All except 4
d.     All are true
Q69) A ----------------- is an HTML form objet that behaves as toggle switch .

a.       combo box
b.     checkbox
c.       option box

Q70)  In HTML, line break is provided by____________tag.
1.     <br>
2.     < >
3.     <line>
4.     <break>
a.      1
b.     2
c.      3
d.     4

Q71) ------------------ are used to interact with your users.

a.      forms
b.      objects
c.       variables

Q72)  The_____________ elements provide information about the information on the Web page. This elements uses a property/value combination.
a.      Hyperlink
b.     META
c.      Links
d.     HTML

a.       hyper linkes
b.      hyper intenal link
c.       hyper images

a.       row
b.      coloum
c.      table

 Q75) Which of the following refers to the space between the border of the table cell and the text that is placed in the cell?

Q76)  Which feature in SQl Server 2008 consist of 28 control flow tasks and 11 maintenance plans that are designed to perform various activities?
a.      Reporting services
b.     Analysis
c.      Integration services       
d.     Data Warehousing

a.      meta
b.      address
c.       http
d.      url

Q78)  Which of the following areas are targeted in the data platform vision of SQL Server 2008.
a.      Pervasive Business Insight
b.     Beyond Relational Data
c.      Enterprise Data Platform
d.     Data Mining
Q79) The              attributes can be used to defined the cells and structure of the table.
a.      BORDER
b.      ALIGN
c.       LAYER

 Q80) Which of the following statements about SRIDs are true?
1.     Each spatial instance of either the geometry or geography data type has an associated SRID.
2.     The SRID is used as an input parameter for various spatial functions.
3.     An SRID is commonly measured using meters or square meters.
4.     The SRID available in SQL Server 2008 cannot be viewed.
a.      1,2,4
b.     1,2,3,4
c.      1,2
d.     1,2,3

Q81) We can specify more than             align attributes with in a cell.
a.      FOUR
b.      TWO
c.       ONE

Q82)  Attribute wild cards are declared using______________ element.
1.     <xsd:any>
2.     <xsd:Attribute>
3.     <xsd:anyAttribute>
4.     <anyAttribute>
a.      1
b.     2
c.      3
d.     4

Q83)  After open a <TD> tag, we colsed the              tag.
a.       </TR>
b.     </TD>
c.       </TH>

Q84) If we want to add some color to the table, we can use the                   attributes.
a.       BGSOUND
b.     BGCOLOR
c.       <EMBED>

 Q85) The strlen() function returns the length of string-1.
a.      True
b.     False
Q86)  A string variable is a sequence of character surrounded by double quotes
a.      True
b.     False

Q87) For the horizontal alignment, we used ________
a.       ALIGN
b.      HALIGN
c.       VALIGN

Q88)  Array in C are implemented as series of characters terminated by the NULL(\0).
a.      True
b.     False

Q89) To use strcat() function, the_____________ header file must be included in the program.
a.      Stdio.h
b.     Iostream.h
c.      Conio.h
d.     String.h

Q90)                              refers to the space between the border of the table and cell.
c.       ROWSPAN

Q91) The                attributes specifies the type of element.
a.       SIZE
b.      NAME
c.      TYPE

Q92)  A___________ groups together a number of data items, which need not be of the same data type.
a.      Block
b.     Structure
c.      Array
d.     None of the above.
Q93) The                     element can be used for different choices in a group.
a.      <OPTION>
b.      <FORM>
c.       <BODY>

Q94)  The____________ operator is used to access the elements of a structure using a pointer to that structure.
a.      ->
b.     *
c.      .
d.     None of the above

Q95)  In____________ sort, each element in the array is examined and inserted into its proper place among the elements that have already been stored.
a.      Bubble
b.     Insertion
c.      Binary
d.     None of the above.
Q96)                 is a special alement that contains the user information.
a.       FRAME
b.      TABLE
c.      FORM

Q97) An element becomes                  when it recives the focus.
a.      ACTIVE
b.      INACTIVE
c.       NONE OF THESE

Q98) After completing a form description, the                   tag will closed.
a.       </HEAD>
b.      </HTML>
c.      </FORM>

Q99)  In_____________ sort, values of the elements is compared with value in the adjacent element. In this method, the smaller elements bubble up and at the end, the array is sorted.
a.      Bubble
b.     Insertion
c.      Binary
d.     None of the above.
Q100) The                          element is used to specify alternate content to be used.
a.       IFRAMES
c.       FRAMES

Q101)  Which of the following can define a new datatype?
a.      Typedef
b.     Struct
c.      Nem operator
d.     None of the above

Q102)  An inline frames can't be                  .
a.       Change
b.      unchange
c.      RESIZED

Q103)  It is possible to have one structure within another structure. However a structure cannot be nested within itself.
a.      True
b.     False
Q104) A select element must contain at least             option element.
a.       FIVE
b.      SEVEN
c.      ONE

Q105)  Which of the following statements of trigger are correct?
a.      A trigger definition includes the trigger name, the table name, the triggering action and the SQL statements.
b.     Triggers can be dropped and recreated using the DROP TRIGGER statement or modified using the ALERT TRIGGER statement.
c.      If the object referring a DML trigger is renamed, the trigger need not to be modified to reflect the change in the object name.
d.     Multiple triggers can not be dropped using a single DROP TRIGGER statement rather they require DROP statements of their own.
 Which of the following is not a valid rule while maintaining data integrity?
a.      No two records in a table can have exactly same values in all the columns
b.     Any type of data can be inserted
c.      Data validity has to be maintained when data is modified.
d.     Changes of data values in a column should be appropriate reflected in related tables.
Q106) The                 indicates the address where the file exist.
a.       IMG
b.      GIF
c.      SRC

Q107)  Which of the following code creates a computed column areas whose values are calculated from the values entered in the length and Breath fields?
a.      CREATE TABLE calc_Area(Length int, Breath int,Area AS Length*Breath)
b.     CREATE TABLE calc_Area(Length int, Breath int,Area) AS Length*Breath)
c.      CREATE TABLE calc_Area WITH Length int, Breath int(Area AS Length*Breath)
d.     CREATE TABLE calc_Area  With Length int, Breath int, Length*Breath
Q108) The                        works only when the browser does not support frames.
a.      NOFRAMES
b.      IFRAMES
c.       FRAMES

Q109)  Which of the following are the characteristics of stored procedure OUTPUT Parameters?
a.      The calling statement variable can be used in subsequent Transact-SQL statements in the batch or the calling procedure.
b.     The parameter can be of text and image data type
c.      Output parameters can be cursor placeholders.
d.     The calling statements must contain a variable to receive the return value.
Q110) The MAXLENGTH of the text box depends to the                      
a.      DEVOLPER
b.      USER
c.       SERVER

Q111)  Which of the following guidelines for creating indexes are correct?
a.      An index must have a maximum of 12 columns.
b.     Too many indexes increase the performance of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.
c.       Indexes should be used to improve query performance of tables with low update requirements but large volume of data.
d.     Maintain indexes on small tables even if data may latter be added into the table.

Q112)  Which of the following considerations one has to take before creating a user-defined database?
a.      User should have CREATE DATABASE, CREATE ANY DATABASE, or ALTER ANY DATABASE permission.
b.     Permission are applied on the data and log file of each database.
c.      Maximum of31,767 databases can be created.
d.     Only administrator becomes the owner of database.

Q113)  The GE Radiant company has its branches over 30 countries. The CEO of the company wants to know the total sale of each country Australia and New Zealand and also the total sale of the entire country region. Which of the following codes will enable you to achieve this?
a.                  SELECT[Name],CountryRegionCode,SUM(sales)AS TotalSales FROM Salary Territory WHERE[Name]<>?Australia? AND Name <>? New Zealand? GROUP BY Name,CountryRegionCode WITH CUBE.
b.                 SELECT CountryRegionCode,SUM(sales) AS TotalSales FROM Salary Territory WHERE[Name]<>?Australia? AND Name <>? New Zealand? GROUP BY Name,CountryRegionCode.
c.                  SELECT SUM(sales) AS TotalSales FROM Salary Territory WHERE[Name] <>?Australia? AND Name <>? New Zealand? GROUP BY Name, CountryRegionCode.
d.                 SELECT[Name],CountryRegionCode, SUM(sales)AS TotalSales FROM Salary Territory GROUP BY Name,CountryRegionCode WITH CUBE.

Q114)  There are various types of database modifications and modification methods. For which of the following type of modifications, you will use the modification method ALTER DATABASE?
1.     Increases the size of database
2.     Shrinking s database.
3.     Deleting data.
4.     Adding a filegroup to a database.

a.      1,2,3,4
b.     1 and 2
c.      3 and 4
d.     1,2,3
e.      1,3,4

Q115)  To provide the summery of the rows that the GROUP BY clause generates, a CUBE is used. Which of the following statement represents the correct syntax?
1.     SELECT<column_name>from<table_name>GROUP BY <column_name> WITH CUBE
2.     SELECT<column_namem from table_name GROUP BY column_name> WITH CUBE
3.     SELECT<column_name>GROUP BY<column_name>WITH CUBE
4.     SELECT<column_name>from<table_name> WITH CUBE  GROUP BY <column_name>

a.      1
b.     2
c.      3
d.     4

Q116) DOM stands for _____________

a.       document object manually
b.      document operating model
c.      document object model

Q117) __________ are important since without them the data cannot be sent anywhere.
a.      Buttons
b.      Password
c.       Text boxes
    Q118) If the red outline of form is not displayed then select________
a.       Insert -> Visual Aids-> Invisible Elements
b.      Insert -> Form
c.      View -> Visual Aids -> Invisible Elements
d.      View -> Form Elements -> Invisible Elements

Q119) ____________ are nothing but web pages that are integrated in one page to make navigations easier for the user.
a.       Forms
b.      input
c.       Buttons
d.     Frames