Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dreamweaver 8 Exam practice questions & answer:

1.    To open sit map panel: press_________________commond form keyboard.

a.    Crl+Alt+F8
b.    Alt+F6
c.    Shift+Alt+F8
d.    Alt+F8

2.    Site maps can be saved as either a ____________ or a PNG file.

a.    Bitmap (BMP)
b.    GIF
c.    JPEG
d.    TIFF

3.    Select a file, press ________________ Cut. Find the folder. When like to move the file.

a.    Ctrl + X
b.    Shift + X
c.    Alt + X
d.    Ctrl + Alt + X

4.    If you click on the book thumbnail you can see the ___________ images.

a.    Centeral
b.    Normal
c.    Bigger
d.    Smaller

5.    If you click on the home link then it goes to the ____________ web page.
a.    Book gallery
b.    New
c.    Index
d.    Next

6.    A root-relative path begins with a leading ______________ which stands for the site root folder.

a.    Forward slash
b.    HTTP
c.    Backward slash
d.    # Sign

7.     ________________ method is the best choice whenever you need to send a visitor to another site.

a.    Relative
b.    Absolute
c.    Named Anchor
d.    Internal link

8.    For the named Anchor in the Prorperty inspector the linked file or location within the page will be indicated with the number sign____________ followed by the name of the anchor.

a.    #

b.    *

c.    @

d.    "

9.    There are mainly ____________ types of links in Dreamweaver which are as follows.

a.    Three
b.    Two
c.    Four
d.    Five

10.  Open the property inspector select___________ browsing for internal file.

a.    Insert ---> Properties
b.    Open ---> Properties
c.    Format ---> Properties
d.    Window ---> Properties

11.  If we want to remove the link do the following select remove link and press.__________________

a.    Alt + Shift + L
b.    Ctrl + Shift + L
c.    Ctrl + L
d.    Alt + L

12.  The commands are display in the ___________panel.

a.    Favorites
b.    History
c.    Home
d.    Index

13.  External link are links that are given to documents ____________ the local site.

a.    Outside
b.    Inside
c.    Otherside
d.    Same side

14.   There are two main link categories that are used commonly to link one item to another.They are follows: 1.Absoukte and 2.____________

a.    Internal
b.    External
c.    Relative
d.    Other

15.  _________are used in web pages to request information from visitors who are visiting your websites

a.    Forms
b.    Frames
c.    Images

16.  In the _______ you specify the path of the dynamic page or script that processes the form.

a.    Action Field
b.    Text field
c.    Elements

17.  _______allow the user to select more than one option.

a.    Check boxes
b.    Text boxes
c.    Radio button

18.  An Object is a Comphrensive ___________ Of Data.
a.    Data stream
b.    variable
c.    Pakage

19.   The ----------------------- Statement is more of an internal property.
a.    That
b.    this
c.    object

20.   The this Statement must be used within the scope of a -----------------------or its call refrences only.
a.    eval
b.    string
c.    function

21.   The -----------statement is used to execute set of statements.
a.    With
b.    Math
c.    new

22.   The with statement is asume a specified ------------------ as the refrences.
a.    Object
b.    that
c.    function

23.  The ------------------- operator is used to create a new instance of an object.
a.    Date
b.    Math
c.    new

24.   The ------------------------ function is used to create a new instance of an object.

a.    Math
b.    eval
c.    string

25.   The -------------------- object is used to manipulate and work with strings of text.
a.    string
b.    new
c.    property

26.  The --------------------object has properties and methods that represents advance mathematical calculations.
a.    math
b.    Math
c.    form

27.  The ----------------------- Object does not have any properties.
a.    Time
b.    New
c.    Date

28.  bgcolor is a ________ of the document.object.
a.    element
b.    attribute
c.    property

29.   To Access the method of an object we must specify the __________and the required method.
a.    source
b.    object name
c.    time

30.   To access a form object you need to specify------------------------.
a.    event
b.    form name
c.    set

31.  _________ are action that occurs on the web page.

a.    events
b.    set
c.    time

32.  Each event has associated ___________
a.    application
b.    event object
c.    window

33.   An event has ___________ that begins with the action or condition.

a.    life cycle
b.    html
c.    web

34.   The _______ of the events associated with the various page elements.

a.    reload
b.    object
c.    set

35.  The segment of code is called an/a __________

a.    event handeler
b.    html
c.    objects

36.   A broweser is an/a _______________

a.    System software
b.    application software
c.    software

37.   A browesre display the content of an  __________ document.

a.    html
b.    object
c.    title

38.  Broweser also expose some ______________ that can be accessed and used in script.

a.    title
b.    window
c.    objects

39.  The ___________ object represents the broweser's window.

a.    dtml
b.    script
c.    window

40.   All other objects in the model are accessed from _________ object.

a.    dtml
b.    window
c.    script

41.  ___________ loads the previous url from the history.

a.    forward
b.    back
c.    history

42.  _________ loads a URL from  the history list.

a.    load
b.    title
c.    go

43.  __________ sets the entire URL as string.

a.    href
b.    command button
c.    accept

44.   ________ writes  one or more HTML expressions.

a.    writeIn
b.    forms
c.    event

45.  _________ sets or  reterive the color of the document link.

a.    linkcolor
b.    bgcolor
c.    color

46.   ____________ defines the list of MIME types.

a.     Accept
b.     Action
c.    Method

47.  Text field understands ____________ events.

a.    onblur
b.    onfocus
c.    on change

48.  The ___________ event occur when user click inside a text field.

a.    on focus
b.    on blur
c.    check box

49.  __________ event occurs when user click out side the text field.

a.    on change
b.    on focus
c.    on blur

50.  __________ happens when user changes what is in the text field.

a.    On focus
b.    on blur
c.    on change